CES 2002 was undoubtedly our best show so far. We introduced our brand new Silver Series which is the top of the line of our compact components. First is the Odéon-Ag 24bits / 192KHz DAC - undoubtedly our best DAC as of 2002. The second product, the Pleyel-Ag, is a prototype of our new amazingly compact Solid-Tube amplifier. The Odéon-Ag is a perfect piece for a simple system because it can be connected directly to the amplifier thank's to its integrated high quality passive ALPS custom analog motorized potentiometer. To help introduce the line, we had a splashing Video presentation running on a 42" Plasma highliting the features of the Silver Series products. To complete it all, we got to show with our own Cabasse speakers; a brand for which we have the greatest admiration.

We received abundant and constant praises about the sound and everybody was amazed by the small size of the components in the Silver Series. A lot of people understood what we mean with our philosophy of keeping the signal path short and certainly heard the difference it makes. One of the most popular remarks certainly was "I cannot believe how components so small can create such a big sound stage." It was difficult to remind people that the Pleyel-Ag amplifier was a prototype. The real star piece for us this year was the new Odéon-Ag, 24bits / 192KHz-SACD Digital to Analog Converter. If you are familiar with the older Odéon-lite, you owe it to yourself to listen to the Odéon-Ag. Here are a few momentos that marked CES 2002 for us.

All in all, CES 2002 was a great show for us! We had great attendance and tremendous interest in the new Silver Series. We would like to thank all of you who stopped by our room and helped us understand your needs. We hope to see you at future shows.

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