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Silver Series

The remarkable quality of Birdland Audio high-resolution gear is the combination of sonic accuracy, relaxation, and transparency that it delivers. That is no doubt a result of strategic choices: short signal paths, superior material, and the extraordinary care that designer Gilles Gameiro takes with his work.

Each Birdland Audio piece is a promise of exquisitely detailed, unfatiguing sound. Listening to it, one is not impressed with the so called "Wow Factor." Instead, you hear real music precisely as it was recorded. No false dynamics, no added colorations, no melodramatic emphasis. The music is presented exactly -- dead-on. What is on a disc or tape comes through a Birdland digital front end, reproduced stunningly by a Birdland amplifier, without degradation of any discernible sort. I can attest to that integrity because I have heard material that I recorded and mastered recreated with truthful immediacy by Birdland Audio gear. The experience for me was wonderful, spooky, and deeply engaging.

Jim Merod - Audio Editor - BluePort Jazz


This amplifier reproduced Pavarotti's version of Donizetti's Elixir of Love so beautifully that I fought off tears. The orchestra and the singing poured out of my Sonus Fabers like warm flowing butterscotch. The sound was warm and detailed, and the epitome of musical. I heard no edginess or electronic harshness. If there is a magical place where audio equipment reproduces "perfect sound," the Pleyel 250 brought me there. Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra (Fritz Reiner/Chicago Symphony) startled my soul with clear, clean trumpets, powerful timpani and trombones. Hour after hour, through classical, blues, country/western, then rock, the amp gave me smooth, clean, musical experiences. The top end was truly extended, with a pleasant airiness that was magical.

Roger McNichols Jr. - audioMusing


"I can't beleive it's solid state!" My recent audition of your solid state Odéon DAC and Pleyel Amplifier left me speechless. After 32 years in the business and owning large amount of equipment, this sound by far out distanced the experiences I have had with other speakers and electronics. Never did I expect any solid state electronics to outperform the expensive tubed electronics I am using on my Avantgarde Trio speakers in conjuction with my all-out Vertevarius cables. I beleive you have set a new standard for performance with your superior electronics.

John Garland - Avantgarde Importator and Vertevarius Cable Manufacturer.


I have never written a product testimonial before, but to do so for this amazing device is almost irresistible. The sheer sonic near-perfection of Gilles' new Odéon-lite DAC has given me by far the best digital reproduction yet. I have an extremely high resolution and very musical system using standard Quad 57s, Subwoofers and OTL tube amps. This system reveals even minuscule amounts of the typical digital hard, bright, flat characteristic.

On changing from my previous reference to the Odéon-lite, I was immediately struck by a sense of great relaxation into an immensely lucid, musical, edge, grain and mudiness free sonic panorama. The slight irritations I had become used to were dramatically, obviously removed, and resolution and musicality enhanced to a wonderful degree.

This is a revolutionary and brilliant design brought in at an amazingly low price. I can not recommend the Odéon-lite too highly.

Dave Magnan - Magnan Cables


Gilles -- I am a loyal Odéon Lite owner, and I just read the SStage review. What horsefeathers! Probably the last adjective I would have dreamed up is "creamy." I suspect the cream is coming from the Cary, but you probably already told him that. I had the Bel Canto DAC prior to yours, and it is indeed a fine piece of equipment, but I enjoyed the Birdland more. As for his assertion that solid state owners should especially love it, well that too is wrongheaded. I have the Wavelength Duetto amp and Emotive Audio preamp (all tube, including power supply regulation and rectification). These instruments blew away my preconceptions about tubes. With my appropriately sensitive Sonatinas, they are as fast, tight and transient impactful as any SS amp I've had, minus the canned "souless" SS attributes. The Emotive also feeds an amplified Earthquake sub, which reinforces articulate and deep bass. And I have to remind myself that the tubes can't be any better than the input signal -- your DAC and Accuphase DP90 transport. No, I don't think my system is perfect or even "better" than Ken's, whatever that means. But it sure shows off your work in a far different light. Keep the faith!

David Zigas - Odéon-lite owner

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