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The Odéon-Ag builds on the innovative legacy of our highly successful Odéon-lite, the first DAC to virtually recreate 24 bits of data out of 16 bits recordings, while at the same time taking it to the next level as it upsamples the input frequency by up to 4 times. For the last couple of years, many audiophiles have been sitting on the fence waiting for the next high-end audio format to become prominent. With the availability of 24bits/96KHz on DVD Audio, proposed 192KHz sampling rates and SACD, it is difficult to say what will prevail even though DVD is very well established. The Odéon-Ag is the pie in the sky that the fence sitters have been waiting for. Not only will it convert any digital audio PCM format at sampling rates up to 192KHz, but it is also upgradable to support SACD when the digital data becomes available outside the transports. The very affordable re-clocker board addon option further improves performance by removing interconnect cable jitter and up-sampling the input source internally to 188.2 or 192KHz.

Download Documents

PDF Version of the User's Guide shipped with the unit
The Odeon-Ag schematic is now open source as of January 2015 (Happy New to all you DYIers!)

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