The Odéon-Pt premieres our Platinum line of FlagShip products bringing you our best "Savoir Faire" (know how) in this ultimate DAC. Building on the legacy of our highly successful line of DACs, the Odéon-Pt is our new innovative, state of the art DAC / DSP both in terms of sonic performance, visual delight and functionality. The Odéon-Pt yields two slots inside for optional upgrade add-on daughter boards. The first slot can hold an RIAA MC/MM Phono preamplifier for analog Input-3. The second slot can hold a DSP add-on board to support firewire IEEE1394 digital input for multi-channel support. As a DAC and Pre-Amplifier, the Odéon-Pt is the perfect center piece for a top of the line 2 channel audio system.

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