Solid-Tube Line Output Stage

The STLPF is the Solid-TubeTM output stage we use in all our DAC products and is now available as an OEM module, enabling other company designers to integrate our award winning pure sound in their products.

OEM Simplicity

The STLPF is an convenient hybrid module providing an anti-aliasing filter to be used as a line level output stage typically present en DAC designs. The STLPF anti-aliasing output stage module is engineered using Birdland Audio-s award winning Solid-Tube technology and delivers a transparent and natural sound reproduction with a wide 3-dimensiontal sound stage.

Birdland Audio's Solid-Tube technology is a clever combination of bipolar and FET transistors working together to extract only the most desirable linear characteristics of each technologies. The Solid-Tube technolgy produces ultra-linear transfer function analog stages even in open loop, making it ideal for analog audio stages. The result is an exceptional audio rendition capable of delivering every detail with a fantastic level of neutrality.

The STLPF module transfer function is derived from the neutral second order low-pass 1/(1 + 2s + s2) function which has the advantage of producing a near-linear phase shift when approaching the corner frequency. Because linear phase shirt is equivalent to a constant time delay, it does not contribute to modifying the timbre or spaction position of instruments in the final spatial stage. Furthermore, the STLPF does not use capacitve AC coupling capacitors and so offers full bandwidth all the way down to DC resulting in excellent bass response.

The STLPF also hosts an internal power filtering and regulation to help reject possible noise in the power supplies, making it possible to achieve high SNR greater than 122dB, and greater channel separation between modules.

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STLPF overview
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