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The BAV335x Audio-Video Network Processor hardware platform can run a variety of Operating Systems such as Linux, Android, Windows or others. In our experience, Linux is often an operating system of choice because it integrates a huge selection of protocols and applications and one certainly cannot argue with the price (free).

Getting started with a custom Linux can be a daunting task however. One can pick a distribution like ubuntu or debian, and while doing so can be useful, it is impractical when the OEM is trying to produce an image which is repeatable. When installing a distribution, the OEM has no control over which versions of what packages are installed on the target and may even make it difficult to provide technical support as the underlying root filesystem may evolve from version to version.

There are many ways to solve this problem and while we do not promote one method over another, we thought we would share our experience with the method we chose to use. We chose buildroot because it enables us to build a root filesystem from package sources where we're in control of each package version. While buildroot is great, it typically doesn't work out of the box, you will need strong understanding, not only of the boot process, but also all of Linux including it's init process (be it systemd or SystemV), and the many configuration files scattered around the file system.

NOTE: The Linux/Buildroot documentation and/or software links below are provided free of charge, and on an "as-is" basis. It is assumed that the OEM (you) understands what to do with these instructions, which are only provided as an example on how to get started with buildroot. The OEM assumes all risks associated with the use of documentation provided on this site, and/or software, including any risk to user's computer, software, data, or any other files. Birdland Audio shall not in any event be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost revenues, or lost profits, arising out of or in any way connected with the use or misuse of the information, or lack of information on Birdland Audio's Web site, or from any information, documents, services, software, or other material obtained here.

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Preparing a Bootable microSD for the first time.
Building your Linux Distribution
How to build your own distribution of Linux for the BAV335x
Device Tree helper lists register addresses for pin functions

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