BAV335B Module Evaluation Board

Shown with a sample cape (not included)

Evaluation Simplicity

The BAV335x-EVM simplifies the functionality evaluation of the BAV335x Network Processor OEM Module. This board integrates a gigabit ethernet network connection and can be powered either from a 5V DC input jack or, using the built-in Power-over-Ethernet circuit, sufficient to power the BAV335x module and a couple capes. The EVM also incorporates two USB 2.0 host connectors, 4 user switches, a graphic OLED display, and a connector compatible(1) with the beagle bone black for easy add-on of existing capes.

The EVM illustrates how the BAV335x optimized pinout can lead to layout simplicity. In this particular example, all 4 pairs of the gigabit ethernet are routed all the way to the transformer and RJ45 jack without using a single via. The removal of the need for vias enables the best possible eye pattern and achieves excellent signal integrity. The same is true for both USB connectors which are also routed without vias.

The evaluaton board also incorporates the popular FDT USB to serial converter connected to the module UART0 as the console. The adapter uses it's own supply segregated from the USB making it possible to leave the evaluation board connected to the development host computer even when the board is not powered.

Note1: The BAV335B is similar to the popular Beagle Bone Black with the exception that it is designed for integration into an OEM product, it uses a Gigabit Ethernet PHY and does not incorporate the HDMI interface. As such, the eMMC pins are not available for the capes, just as is the case for the BBB. However, the BAV335B's SODIMM 144 pins provides access to other gpios otherwise not available on the BBB. Jumper options enable the routing of additional new gpios (not available on the BBB) to the cape pins where the missing emmc connections used to be before BBB.

Note2: The BAV335B also does not include a HDMI connection. The reason for this is mostly obvious since the module is specifically designed to be incorporated into OEM appliances. In such configurations, the OEM would most likely want to use direct connectivity to an integrated LCD panel or provide their own video interface connectivity.

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