SDA-50: All Digital Networked Amplifier

Imagine a DAC with powerful outputs...
You could connect it directly to speakers

It has a network interface, and WiFi option.
It works with iTunes AirPlay, AirCast,
and even more with software updates.

Add one to any room where you want music.
Or get three together for your Home-Theater.

It is compact to fit on your desk,
beautifully crafted and elegantly simple.
Yet, it delivers the legendary quality sound,
you've come to expect from Birdland Audio.

Meet Birdland Audio's SDA-50;
the all Digital Networked Amplifier.

Coming soon

First there were phonographs, and then 78s, LPs and tapes and along the way came Hi-Fi. Later a few manufacturers (like ourselves) decided that Hi-Fi in general wasn't realistic sounding and so High-end Audio was born. We delivered and continue to deliver products designed to reproduce the same sound and emotion you would get from the original live performance. Today, with the advancements made in portable computer storage, nearly everyone has a pocket device that can store thounsands of hours of music, some of which even have an integrated limited speaker to hear it on, but nobody is bridging the gap between these small portable devices and the high quality sound of Hi-Fi or High-end Audio. We decided to fix this problem; the SDA-50 all digital amplifier will allow you to listen to all your digital music collection, be it on CD or smart phone, through the high quality speakers of your choice.
Our products are dedicated to Musicians and Music Lovers